Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We are so very confused, we thought we had made up our minds on a trailer. But now we are not sure. We are having second thoughts. Maybe we just need to stop looking. It seems like the more we look the more we change our minds. Did anybody else have this issue? Or am I the only crazy one?

Bill Nye

So this morning I was on the internet doing some research on our trip and I came across this. Has anyone seen this? It is crazy! This is exactly why we home school our children.

Why Children Are Falling Away From Christ

Public schools and some private schools, are no longer playing straight and giving their students a well rounded education acknowledging value in all beliefs. Instead, the schools are attacking the young with their agendas, and completely demeaning children from homes with differing values.  We as Christians  are keeping our children from experiencing the true nature of Christ. Our children are not getting a Christian education because we choose to send our children to government run schools, that tell them they evolved from primordial soup. We then  let our children watch family oriented stations like National Public Television, which is funded by the government and many of our greatest liberal groups. Years ago, these stations were relatively safe, but today their agenda is to wipe out Christianity  The assault is coming at our families in full force.  Bill Nye, is used in public and private schools nation wide, he tells us our nation that it is the only nation in the entire world that has not embraced evolution. My guess, is most of the Arab world would object to this statement, as it is just flat un-true. If you are a Christian  listen to this video, and tell me if you want him instructing your children. If you pump them full of this kind of information, they will begin to believe. If you tell a lie long enough, it will become truth, especially to a young developing minds. The easiest way to win a country to a new viewpoint is through the education of it’s children.-Rolling Shoe Box

Thursday, February 14, 2013

About Us....

            We met in October of 2000 and it was love at first sight. We were married on March 9th 2002 and we are still just as in love as the first day we met. We love our family and love ever minute we spend with our children. We do everything together. We love the Lord and sharing His word with others as do our children (even though it has got us in trouble a few times). We love homeschooling ur children everyday and thinking of knew and exciting things to learn and do with them.

We have four children, Bailey 15, Tristan 13, Anthony Jr 10 and Lilaina 9.

We have another daughter who is not our biological daughter but we consider her our daughter all the same. Her name is Olivia. She is 15 and she came and lived with us for about a year and we all miss her dearly.

Our journey with The Lord began somewhere near the end of 2008 when the holy spirit really began to way in on my wife's soul thanks to her good friend that was able to educate her on the matter. She began to read the bible off and on for the next couple of years. Our family kind of church hopped in hopes of finding a home. About two years ago we had to transfer to the Spokane area due to my job being relocated. At this time we began to go to a church in Spokane a few miles away from home. The place was huge, and had a lot of spiritual material for the kids to get involved with. We liked that. In August 2011 my entire family got baptized at our new church because they decided to give their lives to The Lord. At the time I did not feel the same way as my family. I liked church and learning, but I did not feel the same way inside. Time went on and nothing had changed for me. In September 2012 we to an event in Spokane as a family. This man approached us for a card trick from a local church. At the same time a trolly came driving through the park. As I got out of the way from it I noticed that it completely divided me from the rest of my family. If you can picture it, it would be my family with the church guy and me all by myself. We all thought that was strange. This led me to sit down with another member from that church at the park. We sat and discussed things, and I explained that I had doubts. At the time I felt like my friend that had just passed away was looking at me through his eyes. We ended on him praying for me to become saved sometime because I still did not want to commit. Later that evening I was in my closet talking with my wife, and she was asking me to give The Lord a chance and that I would feel so much better when I did. I felt like these circumstances during the day was sign , so I along with my wife prayed for me to be saved. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. Then when I looked down I saw a cross on the floor that one of my children lost prior. I felt God was really speaking to my heart. Several months went by, and I slowly started to learn things about Jesus through church and a few bible studies with my family. I needed to do more, but I was being lazy about it. Finally my wife and I decided it was time for me to be baptized. It was the last step for me to surrender to The Lord. So, on February 2nd of 2012 I was baptized by one of my oldest friends who happened to be a new pastor. The experience was awesome and I will never forget it. I still have a long road ahead of me as a new Christian, but with the strength of my family I believe we

 will prevail together.